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Solar. The best option for personal energy production.

As the California in-state energy production has plateaued over the last decade and as the state continues to add millions of residences, SCE has watched demand climb and seized the opportunity laid at its feet.

This ballooning energy demand has had several detrimental effects on residents. Power rates skyrocket, brown outs and black outs have become even more commonplace and customers are left "powerless" to cool their homes when they need it the very most.

This has led many cutomers to seek out a better way and a power supply that doesn't rely on SCE's ever faltering ability to power their homes for a rate they can afford.

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Own your energy supply

Stop grinding your teeth every time you see the electric bill. At Energy Efficient we can get your bill under control and the the control back from SCE by making you the commander of your own power plant.

Meet your energy needs

With your own personal power plant, problems like black outs, brown outs and skyrocking energy costs will be a thing of the past. As your energy needs peak so does your supply.

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